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Rummy Dunk
is reminiscent of the classic "Bay Rum".  This scent has been a straightforward option for discerning gentlemen for over a century.  Bay has a spicy, sweet aroma that invigorates and protects the body, opens the senses and enlivens the spirit. Bay Essential Oil has numerous health benefits(antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, respiratory system). Along with hints of Lime , Vanilla, Almond.  A spicy soap men love and women can appreciate. 
Ingredients:  Blend(s) Bay & Spices & Rum & Vanilla, Lime EO, Almond EO, Mustard Pigment, plus the BASE.

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Rummy Dunk


For centuries Lavender, Lemon and Rosemary Essential Oils have been used as an Antiseptic (minor burns, acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, bug bites) Anti-inflammatory (joint pain + muscle spasms) and relaxing elements for your mind and spirit, useful in relieving anxiety, insomnia, depression, restfulness, as well as promoting weight-loss.
 Ingredients: Lavender EO, Lemon EO, Rosemary EO, Lavender Seed, Lemon Peel, Purple Pigment,  plus the BASE.

A delicious and spicy scent, with touches of Tangerine, Anise/Licorice and Saffron (all 3 have calming abilities to soothe + refresh, antioxidant, digestion/weight loss qualities).
 Ingredients:  Blend(s) Cinnamon Spice & Butter Rum,  Tangerine EO, Anise EO, Saffron, plus the BASE.

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Rose Essential Oil and Jojoba Oil (skin) creating a beautiful, floral, sweet Fragrance users find intoxicating and romantic promoting a joyful and positive outlook. This soap helps bring balance and harmony with stimulating, uplifting properties to create a sense of well-being and self-confidence. The plant’s petals contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds used for skin care for thousands of years, it is perfect for dry, aging, "rose-flushed" skin.  Created by and especially for KTG.   This scent has subtle, relaxing qualities to calm the “Juicy-beast” in anyone.
Ingredients:  Rose FO, Lavender EO, Tangerine EO, Iridescent Powder, plus the BASE.

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Intoxicate Your Skin!  . . . with our soaps

​​T'total'R :     Is our basic, base soap recipe.  This is for the young and folks with sensitivity issues.  It is all natural, hypo-allergenic and odor-free.  It’s soft, white, coconut base gives a low lather and refreshing clean rinse.  Coconut oil acts as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial (psoriasis, athlete’s foot, acne) and antioxidant (aging) treatments.  We use Glycerin because of its wonderful quantities as a humectant. This means he glycerin moisturizes by drawing water into itself. So when you wash with glycerin soap  there will be a thin layer of glycerin left behind. Which will then draw moisture from the air, onto your skin, thus moisturizing your skin.  For this reason, when not using these soaps, you should store on dry surface. 

For our other scents, we then add Essential and Fragrance Oils, Spices, Seeds and other wonderful, all natural ingredients. These are sourced from the most reputable places. Giving you the very best aromatherapy / clinical grade available.

T’total’R / Base Ingredients:  Coconut Oil (Hypo-allergenic, Odor-free), Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, SODIUM(s): Stearate, Laureth Sulfate, Myristate, Cocoyl Isethionate, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide.  All our Soaps are intended to be used within 6 months.  

Wash Responsibly!

If irritation develops, discontinue use.  Do not eat.  Not intended for ages under 15 years of age.    Certain blends may contain, nuts, herbs, & spices. Colorants are plant/vegetable based.   
The only animals this product has been tested on is Mister Juicy & Baby Boris Stinkwater.

is the perfect blend of your favorite “Confederate Jasmine” scent to soothes the nerves, build confidence, optimism and euphoria, while revitalizing and restoring energy, combined with the warmth of Almond + Vanilla (nourishes skin and immune).  Creating a luscious, velvety scent that is rich and delicious.  The base is Star Jasmine with subtle hints of apricot (B17) and Osmanthus (which is called “the smell of happiness”).
Ingredients:  Blend(s) Confederate Jasmine & Butter Rum, plus the BASE.

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